Part Time Positions Available for Fall 2017


ACPC is hiring for part-time openings, which start August 21, 2017.  Complete application and send class schedule if that applies.

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Part Time Positions

Part Time hours would be at the Main Center (920 Carroll Avenue) or at the Elementary Schools throughout Ames.

Many ISU students begin their professional careers with part-time jobs in one of the many sites operated by ACPC. Student staff work a variety of different hours which change each semester. Scheduling is very flexible. We will work around your class schedule.

              Typical work hours at the Main Center (Preschool) are: 7:00-11:30am, 11:30-6:00pm, 1:00-6:00pm  (3-5 days per week)

              Typical work hours at the School Age Locations are:  7:00-8:15am, 3:00-6:00pm Monday-Friday and 1:45-6:00pm on Wednesdays (3-5 days a week)


If interested in applying for a job, please email your APPLICATION and CLASS SCHEDULE to or send to 920 Carroll Avenue

Ames, Iowa  50010.

ACPC is an equal opportunity employer. We believe we benefit from the synergistic interaction of ideas and experiences obtained from our ethnically and culturally diverse workforce.

We do not accept any unsolicited candidates from fee-paid sources of candidates. All resumes submitted to this site are accepted without any obligation or responsibility  by ACPC to the sender. The right to hire any referral submitted to this site is within ACPC's sole discretion, without liability or obligation of payment of any fee or other compensation to any third-party individual or entity.